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Globaldizajn d.o.o.
Bani 75, Buzin
10000 Zagreb

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Globaldizajn GmbH
Bani 75, Buzin
10000 Zagreb, Croatia

tel: +385 1 2222 800
fax: +385 1 2222 806


Globaldizajn is a company with extensive experience in web design, website development and programming of various types of applications for leading Croatian and international companies and government institutions. In recent years, Globaldizajn produced a number of solutions in e-commerce (Epay), content management systems (CMS - GlobalAdmin) and other special applications per customer requirements. Currently our solutions are used by over 300 clients in Croatia and worldwide.

Many of our references received rewards on domestic and foreign contests:

VIDI Top 100:   Best of the best VIDI Top:
First finalist, European award for the best website:
BUG hr Top 10
Award from the world of ensurance, second award:
Best radio website, Zlatni miš:


All of our clients are precious to us and we approach each one with special care. For any information, please, contact us.