Synchronicity iPhone app
User: Synchronicity iPhone app
Year: 02.04.2010.
Category: iPad/iPhone,

According to customer Kaja Ltd.’s specifications, a small iPhone/iPod application has been developed - Syhncronicity. Design of the application was made by Zenartdesign.

"Nothing in life is accidental, a question, nor a reply. Everything in nature is connected as one large living organism.
We often seek advice and questions from others. When we question clearly (unambiguously), we get the right answer. The answer is always in accordance with time, space, the person who asked the question and the person who responded to it. So, the perfect answer to your question will arrive just when you need it, and to the right person of your own choosing.
Even if you do not get a response, it is also a response can be thought of as 'I do not know'."

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