Globaldizajn has created a number of large and small internet stores with an integrated online payment system. Reliability, speed and simplicity not only for the user, but also for the webshop administrator are the main characteristics of the system.
Every Globaldizajn's webshop can be easily integrated into the computer system and enhance the accuracy of the data and the simplicity of the 'back-end process', ie issuing dispatch notes, accounts, and warehouse management.

In any web store, it is possible to integrate the Globaldizajn's ePay credit card authorization or any other charging system.

When deciding to open your own web store, a number of issues are occurring before it starts running. Top 10 Criteria for Analyzing Legality of Web Store are in the Blog.

B2C - a retail webshop
The retail system allows you to automatically view items, current retail prices and discounts, promo code, action, outlet, loyalty system, product search in multiple ways, a searchable search with product photo views. The app automatically charges and passes billing information to the ERP system (if any).

B2B - wholesale webshop
The wholesale system consists of a module: a wholesale customer login, a display of current rebates, a display of a wholesale multipage search tool for commercials, order history, delivery and delivery notes.

Integration with ERP (bookkeeping system)
Integration with ERP systems has been successfully implemented:
Wand 4D - 4 dimension d.o.o.
Luceed - Tomsoft d.o.o.
Times - Osmi bit d.o.o.
Laser TRS - Laser line d.o.o.
Centrix - Omega software d.o.o.
DB square - DB soft
B.B.M. - B.B.M. software  
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