Search engine optimization - SEO is a term for all the measures that aim to make websites in the organic search pages of search engines such as Google at higher places and thus also more often visited by users. The website is designed in the context of the search engine optimization in a way that search engines can optimally read and analyze, so that the website appears in the best case among the first ten search results. It is not only about the position itself, but also about the satisfaction of the user's interest according to the correspondence between the search term, the search result presentation and the relevance, in order ultimately to set a clicker placement.

The process of search engine optimization can be divided into three categories. To ascertain which keywords could be optimized, the website owner should conduct a keyword analysis.

Here are two types of optimization:
  • On-page optimization is about integrating the selected keywords on your own website in, for example, the page title, the page label, the content, and the images.
  • Offpage optimization is an optimization measure that does not take place on the website. This is where search engine optimization is carried out through linkbuilding, ie by backlink setting on other websites.

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