Hosting service includes website hosting service and is an essential factor in its availability on the Internet. Quality hosting is key to the long-term functioning of your website, content and data that is accessible through it.
Globaldizajn provides a website hosting service on our professional web / database / backup servers, which are in our ownership, located in the Republic of Croatia and under the jurisdiction of the Croatian judiciary. We have modern infrastructure of high quality, large capacity, and our hosting service includes complete system and technical monitoring of all server systems 24/7.
How many hosting packages do I need for my website?
The answer to this question depends mostly on the size and number of documents available through the website, i.e. the complexity of the website itself. It includes texts, photos, videos, databases. We offer ready-made packages, and if at any time you need additional packages to increase space, we will provide them for you.
Is it possible to take a website hosting service if the domain is not registered with the hosting provider?
Regardless of whether you have registered a website domain with us (although our suggestion is that because of the quality of the service you have all at one place), we provide a hosting service only for your website.
Is there a server collocation service?
If you are the owner of your own server and want a more affordable option to rent a rack space to accommodate your server, we can provide you a server collocation service.