Mobile applications have become one of the most effective communication channels on the market. In the era of modern technology, the largest and easiest available source of information and communications, with the highest level of interactivity are mobile devices. Due to fulfilling customer expectations and providing complete service, we are constantly developing new tools for fast and simple use of applications. Creating applications on the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows platforms, as well as SMS solutions are part of our support service through all development phases. 

If you need professional support in the implementation and innovative ideas, Globaldizajn is at your disposal.
More mobile applications

With its first version of the mobile phone, Apple has made huge a breakthrough. iPhone has brought user-based interface and a powerful hardware platform capable of delivering complex apps when it comes to siplicity and presentation. Globaldizajn offers the ability to create simple and advanced iPhone mobile apps in the Objective C using the iPhone iOS SDK SW tools to fully utilise the power of the platform.

Few of the apps: 
With the open Android platform, Google managed to gain the confidence of a large number of mobile phone manufacturers for a short time. Globaldizajn is able to offer application development using the Android platform according to your requirements.

Take a look at the applications we developed for Android:

AZ Fond
iCinestar Serbia
INA smartphone application
m-hepi application
Moj račun
Otvoreni radio
iCinestar Android
Europlakat BH@Android

Lociraj popust
AdriaGUIDE Zadar
Otvoreni radio@Android

SMS solutions
SMS communication in Croatia is one of the most widespread ways of communication. Globaldizajn has developed a system that allows receiving, processing and sending SMS messages to improve communication and 
exchange of information between you and your future and current users or associates. SMS system provides various applications, such as organising prize games, sending promotional messages, notification of status of the shipment / reclamation, implementation of solutions into the existing applications. A detailed report on the status of the message delivery is generated for each sent message.
Mobile applications