Moj račun
User: Moj račun
Year: 15.01.2015.
Category: iPad/iPhone, Android,
"GPZ OPSKRBA Moj račun" is a free mobile application dedicated to all customers who use natural gas service and supply from Gradske plinare Zagreb – Opskrba d.o.o. The mobile version of web application "Moj račun" allows users to create their own profiles so that they can keep track their costs and the payment that they made, they can also see many other information related to the consumption of natural gas.

The mobile application has been developed in collaboration with Omega software d.o.o.

A brief list of the key application features:
  • Select an option for invoices to be submitted by mail or e-mail
  • Adding / deleting new customer ID (the number of gas meters)
  • Submitting queries supplier of natural gas (GPZ-Opskrba)
  • Monitoring of natural gas consumption by years and months
  • Overview of transactions for all accounting points, tracking assignments, executed payments and debt
  • Download calculation of gas consumption (accounts) and future rates
  • Creating informative calculation of natural gas consumption
  • Overview of the distribution cost of natural gas consumption
  • The possibility of deactivation of an account

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