Top 10 Criteria for Analyzing Legality of Webshop:
The Directorate for Trade and Internal Market in 2013 published a brochure entitled "Conditions for Performing Trade in the Republic of Croatia":

"If it is to deal with the Internet then it has to register the activity called - the service information society."
According to the Consumer Protection Act, Article 72, each consumer is able to terminate a contract concluded out of business premises or at distance within 14 days.
The minimum legal warranty period is 2 years, regardless of the warranty offered by the retailer or distributor of the product.
The liability of the trader for material defects on the product is prescribed by Articles 400 to 429 of the Mandatory Obligations Act, Official Gazette no. 5 / 05.41 / 08 and 125/11.
Notice of the manner in which the consumer complaints have been filed is highlighted in accordance with the provisions of Article 10 of the Consumer Protection Act.
Before the expiration of the term of one-sided termination of the contract, the consumer is obliged to notify the trader of his decision to terminate the contract by means of a one-off termination contract form or by any other unequivocal statement expressing his will to terminate the contract. A statement on termination of the contract shall be submitted by the consumer before the deadline for termination of the contract has expired.
If a merchant on his web site allows a consumer to unilaterally terminate a contract, the consumer may unilaterally terminate the contract so that the one-off termination form or other unambiguous statement on the termination is completed and sent to the merchant electronically. In this case, the trader is required, without delay, to provide the consumer with a receipt confirming receipt of a permanent media release.
The Statement of Privacy and Personal Data Protection must be highlighted in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. Pay particular attention to Article 6 and Article 15 in the Law.
In the event of a webshop launch, at least 1 data collection (web customer records) is required in the AZOP, and in most cases, at least two (the web customer records and the records of the recipients of the newsletter).
In the internet trade, certain information in the form and internet merchants must be provided in a manner that is directly and permanently accessible to users and competent authorities of the state administration of the Republic of Croatia.
These are the following information:
  • name and surname or company of the service provider
  • the seat of the business or legal entity of the service provider
  • contact information of the service provider
  • the number of court or other public register in which the service provider is entered and the register data
  • details of the competent body if the activity of the service provider is subject to official supervision
  • a tax number if the service provider is liable for the payment of value added tax
The prices must be quoted in accordance with the Ordinance on the manner of raising the retail price and the price per unit of the product and service measure (Official Gazette 66/14).
The most important thing is to notify the consumers in which the prices are quoted in your web shop, and they contain the same VAT or there are any extra costs that are not reflected in the expressed price.
Before order confirmation, the buyer should confirm by additional action that he agrees with your purchasing conditions, so be sure to give him a checkbox option ("I confirm that I agree to the terms of the purchase"), where "Buying conditions" contains a link to purchase terms without distracting the buyer from checkout process.
The Electronic Commerce Act does not explicitly mention that purchasing conditions must be available in PDF format, but "in a way that enables them to be stored, reused, and reproduced." To make sure, copy your proofs to Word document, then save it to PDF format.