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Year: 21.03.2016.
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Located in central Croatia at the meeting point between the Croatian lowlands, Croatian highlands,  Pokupje and Kordun. Karlovac is framed by four rivers - Kupa, Korana, Dobra and Mrežnica. The city of Karlovac is one of rare cities that know the exact date of their creation. For Karlovac it is July 13, 1579, when it was founded and named by its founder, archduke Karl von Habsburg. Karlovac is a city built and thought out taking full advantage of its surroundings: In green valleys of four rivers, beneath the Dubovac old town, filled with hundred year old parks and promenades, bicycling routes, deeply rooted in traditions of culture, sports, trades and commerce. Inevitably, with such parameters Karlovac is an European formula for pleasant living and business investments. Karlovac is unique in its business and development possibilities.

On the new web site find all the information regarding the history of the city and surrounding areas and the functioning of the city. Read the reports related to the operations and decisions of the city authorities, news related to the economy, municipal system, construction and housing, public procurement, social programs, sports, culture, association, education of young people. Look at old and historical photos and experience the city as it once was. If you have a complaint or praise, send your message directly from the website.

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