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Year: 31.12.2014.
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Accurate and timely information is crucial to running a successful operation in today’s competitive and increasingly high-tech business environment. Staying in the information loop is no longer an option. It’s a necessity. Tracking your vehicles and monitoring driver behavior will make your business more efficient and easier to run. Install an integrated tracking, navigation and messaging system that will, in addition to monitoring current vehicle locations, speeds and stops, save you valuable time and eliminate paperwork by enabling you to send work orders and route instructions to your drivers remotely. Keep tabs on your vehicles and administrate every aspect of your fleet with ease using our clear and powerful interface from your office computer's web browser.

From now you can learn about MireoFleet service, calculate the possible savings, and make an appointment , on new and responsive web pages. Read more about the products that are offered, as well as solutions depending on the type of vehicle or your business. Someone stole your vehicle? You can turn it off directly from your computer .... How ??
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