Zagreb Stock Exchange
User: Zagreb Stock Exchange
Year: 23.11.2007.
Category: Website, CMS,

ZSE has launched a new OMX trading system and a new web site. The new website should, with a new look and content, provide better information on developments in the securities market.
Individual information is better organized and easily accessible, starting from the home page, where one can find out what's happening in the market in one place. For each security, detailed information on the security itself (brochures, background information, graphs and analysis on the graphs) are available, as well as on the issuer (the financial statements and news releases), all on one web site.

Besides basic information on securities, now offers the ability to create portfolios for each registered user. offers a Yahoo widget (Yahoo Widget Engine needed) that allows users to track the movement of their portfolios without visiting the web site.

Web pages are based on the GlobalAdmin CMS with various sub-systems developed specifically for the needs of
VB.NET, MS SQL, JavaScript & Ajax are used, and the access speed is credited to two QuadCore Dell servers (web & SQL). During the first hours of new web site launch, servers sent up to 100Mbps of data to users.

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