User: Aspire
Year: 23.10.2014.
Aspire Academy is one of the largest academy in the Middle East and has already begun preparations for the World Cup 2022 which will be held in in Qatar. The application is available only to the employees and owners of the Academy and therefore not available for public use. It serve them to analyze matches, and will be one of the basic tools of employees. Player details are sent to  SoccerLAB from Qatar and Aspire application displays this information in a unique and innovative way. Aspire is an application that provides a detailed overview of players, his previous statistics, impact on the game, accuracy, how much didi he ran, where he made ​​mistakes in the game. In a sea of statistics you can track players from training to training, view his good and bad sides, whether he was injured in the past. Is he making progress in a given segment or generally, or is his forme on a downfall, whether he has fulfilled its potential, or does he have room for improvements. This app offers the possibility of monitoring players at clubs that are little known, and it enables you to discovery talent player before his price rises in some other well known club.

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