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Year: 18.11.2014.
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The new webshop hama.hr is out, and it consists of a classic products offer on www.hama.hr, Solingen on www.hama.hr/solingen and Korkmaz deals on www.hama.hr/korkmaz. Choose from a wide product range in devices and equipment of consumer electronics, computers, communications devices, gaming devices and equipment , photos and videos, equip your child for school, or find something for your home. Equip your kitchen with top cutlery, cooking pots, or Solingen knives. You also have a large selection of Korkmaz devices, cutlery, pots, knives, kitchen helpers, etc. You can achieve membership discount on new webshop, and you get, for all orders over 500 kn, free delivery. If you pay in foreign currency, the conversion will be automatically performed in Croatian kunas at the exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank.

If you equip your new kitchen, or you're just looking for the ideal dishes, be sure to visit
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