User: Koronavirus.hr
Year: 17.03.2020.
Category: CMS, Web site, Health,
Globaldizajn has done the technical part of the job of setting up the koronavirus.hr website as well as the necessary network infrastructure for the publication of valid, fast and accurate information.
The solution is designed for a very large number of concurrent visitors from all platforms, scalable architecture and specially adapted for access at all times.
The web part is based on Globaladmin CMS system with special emphasis on simple and fast user interface and administration.
Architecturally, the system consists of a series of servers specifically tailored to accommodate millions of visits in a short time. For this purpose, current technological measures and knowledge and expertise of Globaldizajn experts were used, all with the aim of minimizing the possible inaccessibility of any part of the system at such challenging times.
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