Lociraj popust iPhone
User: Lociraj popust iPhone
Year: 03.11.2011.
Category: iPad/iPhone,

A new iPhone application “Locate discount” is now available, allowing you to find and locate products and services on discount in your area, or at a certain distance from your current location.

You can search by categories / subcategories, and by keywords. And all of this in a few seconds, a few movements with your fingers, without having to walk around town, visit all the stores and write down prices by hand.

When you find an interesting discount, you can call the store and inquire about the offer directly from the application. You can also send an e-mail, and share the discount info with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or simply forward it by SMS or e-mail. The application uses maps, driving directions, and a compass to precisely guide you to the product location.

Our application makes shopping a real pleasure, and, most importantly, saves time and money, which is priceless. In addition, the project has an ecological dimension, because our application is more effective than traditional methods of printing and distributing promotional catalogs, flyers and coupons that crowd our mailboxes. With our application, it will, we believe, become history.

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