User: Slooshaj!
Year: 17.12.2009.
Category: iPad/iPhone,
In collaboration with an application for listening to Croatian radio stations on the iPhone has been created - Slooshaj! The application contains a list of Croatian radio stations (MP3 and AAC format) and allows you to create lists of favorites, view the songs you’re playing (if radio supports this feature), and find lyrics and video of the song you're listening to.

Complete list of features:
  • download the list of radio stations (160+ stations)
  • stream from the selected radio station (MP3 and AAC format)
  • more details about the radio station, contact and link to website (built-in web browser)
  • failback stream (if it does not work stream # 1, an attempt to stream # 2, etc. ..)
  • defining favorites list
  • sleep function (1 to 60 min, with a fade out sound at the last minute)
  • wake up function (fade-in, define an arbitrary date in the future, fail-safe alarm if the stream / internet does not work)
  • update the main list of radio stations from the server (bookmarks are stored)
  • recording radio stations (listen / delete files)
  • sending recorded files via e-mail *
  • add new radio station
  • change all radio stations from the list of favorites, and the main list
  • web interface to change / add / delete a bookmark
  • traffic count for the current radio station and the total traffic spent (separately for WiFi and 3G/Edge traffic)
  • control to adjust volume
  • view artist and song title if the stream supports it
  • playing in the background while running other applications
* Note: Unfortunately this is functionality was not approved by AppStore

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