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User: Svijet medija
Year: 03.01.2007.
Category: Website, CMS,

After extensive preparations, the new site for Svijet medija is online. Svijet Medija is a well-known company in Zagreb, with a vast range of electronic devices, and products by world-renowned companies such as Sony, Nokia, Samsung, Siemens... The new website has an updated web design, the GlobalAdmin CMS installed, replacing the old application that used to run the site, and a system for two-way synchronization of data with the known Luceed bookkeeping system.

Administration of all products and their descriptions is performed directly in Luceed-in, after which all of the changes are displayed on the website. This way, web site maintenance is much easier, and visitors are offered fresh information on products, prices and availability. Identically, all the information about orders made ​​on the web is carried to Luceed.

A webshop with online credit card authorization will soon be completed and made available for users.

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