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User: Vlada Republike Hrvatske
Year: 08.05.2014.
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On the new website you can find the latest news from the government, to monitor future events, review sessions and decisions and take all the documents of the meetings. On the website you wil find information about the prime minister, cabinet members and information on ministries and previous governments.

Many countries in the realms of govermnent and government-related institutions and public services using a recognizabe abbreviation 'gov' (from 'govermnent '). For example, Australia - australia.gov.au, United Kingdom - gov.uk, Singapore - gov.sg, Montenegro - gov.me, Serbia - srbija.gov.rs, Slovenia - gov.si. Selection of unique Internet addresses corresponding efforts to create a central point of information. This does not mean that the domain www.vlada.hr disappears, it becomes an alias for the above domain, Croatia gets internationally known Internet starting point. The goal is to create an online service that will suit the habits and needs of citizens, and over time it will become recognized determinant Government.
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