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Year: 07.10.2014.
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Public city transportation is one of the strong points that justifies Zagreb metropolitan status. ZET or Zagreb Electric Tram offers various services in the field of transportation systems.

Zagreb Electric Tram has a new website in line with the rest of the Company's businesses. In addition to the now standard timetables of the lines, you can now see the very route of the line on the map. If you need to get somewhere and do not know where you should go, or with what transportation means you can arrive at your destination. as well as which lanes you need to go, now you have travel planner on new web site. You need to enter the starting point and destination, and the scheduler will display on a map the way that you can go, with which means of transport (bus, tram) you need to travel and line numbers that are driving to these destinations.

Did you know that the vehicles of ZET orbit the equator even three times a day, and travel the moon and back 109 times a year ... ?

Find out much more at the new site ....
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